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Monday, January 18, 2021

2021: Dawn of the Independent Era


The past few months have been an interesting journey for me. The turmoil of 2020 aside, there have been encouraging developments in my writing career, particularly in regards to the entertainment industry.

These developments have not sprung from the heart of Hollywood, as I had once hoped. No, these recent opportunities have been pouring in from the independent film and financing world.

I was recently hired to write a horror film, as well as the pilot for a supernatural thriller. And I was invited to submit one of my properties to a group of investors.

The truly encouraging thing about these new partnerships is that I did not seek them out. They sought me. This is why platforms such as Linkedin are so incredibly vital for creating and encouraging professional momentum.

So, as Hollywood struggles with lockdowns, layoffs, and dwindling revenues, the independent entertainment industry is thriving and arriving. I look forward to developing these new creative relationships further, for it is from such collaborations that new eras are born.

Remember, true success is never measured by the money you earn, but by the opportunities you embrace.

Contact me if you're looking for a creative writer for your next independent project.

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