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Monday, January 18, 2021

Advice for Struggling Screenwriters


If you've written a screenplay, novel, or just have a really great idea you want to pitch, it can be frustrating trying to break through all of the Hollywood red tape. It can be equally frustrating trying to find financing to produce a film or pilot yourself.

But here's an option you may not have considered... the stage.

While Broadway is currently as hamstrung as Hollywood when it comes to lockdowns and restrictions, there are plenty of regional and local theaters hungry for good plays and musicals.

Consider rewriting that screenplay for the stage, then pitch it to a few of your local theater groups, or even high schools and colleges.

If you're really lucky, like I was, you'll find a professional musician to partner with.

I'm currently working with Jim Cummings of Soundstage 1 Productions on a musical adaptation of my young adult novel, Noggle Stones. This has been perhaps the best decision I've ever made in my writing career. The plot and characters of Noggle Stones are perfect for the platform of traditional musical theater.

So, if you're tired of beating your head against those Hollywood studio doors, consider theater as an alternative for getting your vision brought to life.

Check out the "Non-Logical Thought" song from the Noggle Stones Musical!

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